Here at SFG, we love stories that reaffirm our faith in humanity. In this instance, a group of commuters unite with the common goal of helping an animal in need. A biker was making his way down a busy California highway when he noticed that there was some commotion on the road. When he discovered that a dog was running loose, he immediately chased after it in an attempt to rescue the poor creature. This footage documents the struggle as the motorcyclist tries to convince the dog to stop running away. Remarkably, he is not alone in his endeavor—cars and bikers alike slowed down and drove with extreme caution to make sure that the pooch was safe while they worked to return it to its family.
It's not clear what exactly happened to the dog at the end of the video, but we hope that it is safe and sound at home. Watch this harrowing rescue attempt in the video below, and be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section. Be warned: this video contains strong language.